Should I Join a Trial?

Joining a clinical trial can be an exciting event. It does, however, require thought and consideration. It is even advisable for people to speak with their physicians prior to joining a clinical trial. Interestingly, most people who enter a clinical trial do so to help others, and to help themselves. Doing so also affords participants the opportunity to take a medication prior to its availability to the general public. Many trials provide participants with “stipends”, money that compensates you for your time and willingness to participate.

Additionally, when people join clinical trials, clinicians will very carefully monitor them. The Principal Investigator of a trial is a physician who has very vigilant oversight over you and the entire clinical trial at his/her site.

At Excel Medical Clinical Trials, LLC we differentiate ourselves by being a consortium of carefully vetted clinicians, rather then businessmen/women, or even simply scientists. We have extensive experience caring for and treating real patients and bring this experience to all of our trial participants.

It is vital that you understand your rights and protections when joining a clinical trial. For Excel Medical Clinical Trials to be given the right to participate in a clinical trial, it requires not only the scrutiny and approval of the study sponsor, but also the approval of an Institutional Review Board (IRB). IRBs ensure patients’ rights are protected and that studies are performed with patients’ rights and safety as the top priority.

Additionally, prior to joining a clinical trial you will be asked to sign a consent form. Consent forms exhaustively review your rights and risks, and ensure that you can leave a clinical trial if ever you want. In sum, your rights are paramount when you join a clinical trial.

For more information about clinical trials, please consider visiting one or more of these websites: clinical-research-trials-you clinical-research-trials-you/basics



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